Bethlehem Roberson

Source: Bethlehem Roberson


A Philadelphia native, Bethlehem has been singing since she was a child – singing by herself and vocalizing with her musical cousins. Performing around the region for over 15 years, she is in an-demand professional who has worked with numerous Philly artists and musicians, sung in churches and cafes to notable Philly venues/events including TEDx Philadelphia,The Kimmel Center, Sistah’s Attune and The Philadelphia Jazz Project.

In spring of 2017, Bethlehem teamed up with producer/manager, Michael Nelson Rizzo who is helping her develop her music and performance at whole new level. New material is being dropped in fall of 2017. Rizzo describes her, “I think Bethlehem is the best artist I’ve ever met who isn’t already signed and doing major performances. It’s only a matter of time until people know her name – and I’m going to do everything I can to help her get there. The ideas, sounds and melodies she has in her head are truly unique and I feel honored to be helping her bring her creative expressions to life.”