World Heritage Education Program

The goal of the World Heritage Education Program is to educate Philadelphia’s youth to be global kids with roots.

The fate of our heritage will soon be in our children’s hands. Through the World Heritage Education Program, we aim to broaden their understanding of their and other cultures and to prepare them to be successful in a rapidly globalizing world.

For more info on the Education Program, contact Melissa Stevens at or 215-563-2483.


1. Promote heritage conservation and stewardship

2. Instill a sense of pride in one’s own cultural heritage

3. Encourage local and global civic participation

4. Challenge ethnocentric assumptions and build appreciation for diversity

5. Develop global competency and intercultural communication skills

6. Promote inclusion of the history and culture of marginalized populations in heritage education

What Do We Do?

1. Teacher Professional Development workshops

2. Development of Philadelphia World Heritage Educational Resources

3. Connecting area teachers to local and global resources and programs (Search Resources)

4. Assistance in designing and running World Heritage Student Programs

5. Advocating at city and state level for more support for heritage education

6. Maintaining this website as a “one-stop-shop” for World Heritage education

Teacher Engagement

World Heritage Ambassador Teachers

In order to reach students, we support and facilitate the efforts of educators to prepare students for success as global citizens and to instill pride and value in Philadelphia’s rich heritage.

How we engage teachers:

1. Encourage teachers to teach about World Heritage

2. Connect teachers to World Heritage educational resources

3. Support the efforts of teachers to teach about World Heritage


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