Heritage Storytime Ep3: Color your City with Caleb and Olivia

Heritage Storytime: Heritage Storytime is a series of monthly storytime episodes presented by Global Philadelphia Association. For more info and to watch other episodes, visit our STORIES page.

Episode Description: Join coloring book characters Caleb and Olivia for this special interactive episode of Heritage Storytime! Marilyn Russell of WOGL FM will be reading the Philadelphia World Heritage Coloring Book, which features Caleb and Olivia visiting important cultural and historic sites all over Philadelphia. Then we’ll do a fun coloring activity from the book before getting up and showing off our Keith Haring mural inspired dance moves! We’ll also learn how local students have used the Coloring Book to create their own heritage projects, many of which you can do yourself. Additional teaching resources and ideas for exploring the episode’s themes will be included, too.

Episode air date: Feb 11, 2021

Audience: Children in grades K-5, families, teachers

Book: Philadelphia World Heritage Coloring Book Written and illustrated by Philadelphia teacher and artist Michelle Dowd, published by Global Philadelphia Association

Learning Resources: Coloring Book Teacher’s Guide (Also available in Spanish) & Suggestions for Viewing