Teaching Sustainable Development Goals

Source: Classtime Blog

Description: In the last few years it’s clear that issues like climate change, plastic waste management, increasing migration, and other major issues are growing global concerns. For the last two years students have become highly active in protesting and finding solutions to both national and global issues. In March 2018, students led March for Our Lives with over 1 million participants to put an end to gun violence in the US. Another ongoing student-led protest that is putting pressure on governments to tackle climate change is School Strike for Climate. Their March 2020 protest had 1.4 million students join from 128 countries.

Traditional education gives students few opportunities to explore, understand, and solve real world problems. So how are students expected to prepare for all these global issues? The SDGs can be used as a framework and tool to support students develop their research, critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, and communication skills. Students need these 21st century skills to prepare them for the real-world problems they will face during their lifetime. Teaching Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and exploring them can also support students in finding their identity and purpose.

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