Gender, Income, and Climate: Addressing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in Philadelphia (High School Unit Plan)

Source: Global Philadelphia Association & Arcadia University

Created by: Miranda Kuhn (Arcadia University School of Education) for Global Philadelphia Association

Grade Level: 9-12

Duration: 3 weeks

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Description: In this three-week curricular unit, students will examine and answer the essential question, “How do ordinary people create change in their communities?” Students will conduct research into the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as set in Philadelphia’s past, present, and future, paying special attention to the SDGs focused on gender equality, income inequality, and climate action. The unit plan includes individual lesson plans, projects, assessments, and learning resources. Students will develop skills in critical analysis of primary source documents, persuasive writing, public speaking, and collaboration, with special emphasis on social action and service learning.