Heritage Storytime Ep1: Oney Judge’s Daring Escape from Slavery

Heritage Storytime: Heritage Storytime is a series of monthly storytime episodes presented by Global Philadelphia Association. For more info and to watch other episodes, visit our STORIES page.

Episode Description: Join us for our first virtual Heritage Storytime episode! We’ll be at the African American Museum in Philadelphia reading the book “My Name Is Oney Judge” by local author Dr. Diane Turner to learn all about Oney’s daring escape from slavery in George Washington’s house in Philadelphia. Then we’ll learn more about slavery in America with a tour of the Lest We Forget Museum of Slavery in Germantown.

Episode air date: Nov 19, 2020 and Dec 16, 2020

Audience: Children in grades 4-8, families, teachers

Book: My Name Is Oney Judge By Diane D. Turner (Author), Cal Massey (Illustrator)

Learning Resources: Episode Resource Guide & Suggestions for Viewing

Episode Partners: African American Museum in Philadelphia & Lest We Forget Museum of Slavery